“Sometime in our lives, we’ve been hit by this sickness. A major mental health crisis causing insanity, madness, recklessness, and stupidity. I invented a scientific name for this. Interpersonal Imprinting Affective Disorder, or simply put, falling in love. And unless Cupid took chemistry, no, this wasn’t his idea. Because this crazy little thing called love, it’s all chemical. The girl releases pheromones that make men weak. And then, men release testosterone, that drives women wild. This is the desire stage. When your heart beats faster than usual when your bodies come closer together. That’s your brain releasing norepinephrine. Now, this is the attraction stage. And then of course, we release oxytocin and vasopressin. Which I like to call the cuddle chemical, and the monogamy molecule. These hormones give us a sense of stability and security. So we keep coming back to a certain person. Until eventually, you’re already exclusive. This is the attachment stage. Where all your illusions of love finally come true.” – Adam Jacob Castrances Ex with Benefits

Your definition of falling in love will change over time. Love changes with age and experiences. It changes how you see the world. When I was young, I only thought about happily ever after. Never have I ever thought about the course in between. I realized, it’s not all about planning where your next date will be or writing a well thought love note neither thinking of a unique pet name that describes the both of you. These are just particles from the rest of it.

Even your perception about making love will amend too. You would have thought that lying in bed, touching, kissing and finishing, will wrap up the day. But, no, it is greater than that. It involves rhythm, effort, strength, pleasures and invincible confidence. Making sure your partner is satisfied rather than you alone is the main goal.

The first time I fell in love didn’t feel magical as I thought it would be. It didn’t feel real right away, until I went through some obstacles and trials. I can compare love from studying chemistry. The studies of composition, structure, and change of matter. Chemistry includes topics such as the properties of individual atoms, like the personality of individual persons. How atoms form chemical bonds to create chemical compounds, like how a man and a woman become one. And lastly, the interactions between substances through chemical reactions to form different substances. It’s definitely sex, right?

Now, you do the research on how it could work, then you experiment, and of course there is a lot of thinking and concluding in the whole process. You become selfless, you prioritize the relationship rather than your pride, or even try to hold your eyes to stay wide awake just to listen to his non-stop stories for him not to feel neglected, but above all, learning to endure the pain is the main element.

Love is a mind game and it’s full of adventures. It will start with sleepless nights thinking about your blissful moments and end with sleepless nights thinking what went wrong. Nonetheless, falling in love is probably one of the best science discovery that you’ll ever experiment with your life.



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