I’ve always dreamed of riding a hot air balloon since I was little and the farthest I’ve gotten was the Up, Up and Away at Enchanted Kingdom.


But this time, it will be for real! I heard about the upcoming Hot Air Festival and that minute I knew this is the moment that I will finally make my dream come true. One bucket list to achieve! So I looked up on the internet, “A Weekend of Everything that Flies, 21st Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2017, in Clark Pampanga”. Exciting!

It is an annual event that showcases a majestic exhibit of uniquely shaped and colorful hot air balloons, skydiving, paragliding and a lot more thrilling aerial shows. It’s usually done during the month of love, February and this is absolutely one of the most romantic activity to do with your Valentine.


So let’s see, entrance fee P350, fair enough. But of course, I want to ride! Let’s do this… $350 per person? Let me check again, double check, triple check! It’s really $350 per person… $350 x Php50 = Php17,500. Oh my goodness! That can fly to Japan! Get that bucket list and cross out RIDE and switch it to WATCH, it will be the same thing! (Of course I am fooling myself, but I’ll be fooling myself even more to pay that much, unless there’s a sponsor, heh!)

Nevertheless, I need to experience it, so along with my 12 friends, we went to Clark Freeport Zone on the last day of the event. We left Manila at 1am and we got there around 4:30 in the morning. The gate opens at 5am and there’s a long-lasting queue. But of course, my wheelchair has a fast lane and we get to enter instantly.

Oh, before I forget, one of my friend bought 2 packs of face masks for protection. I said, “protection for what?”. You bet, I immediately hugged him as a thank you as the sand swiftly kissed me all over my face. Mask protection, therefore no asthma attack!


At exactly 6am the show started. With 3 paragliders with the Philippine flag to wave the huge crowd. Straight away you can see the line of hot air balloons getting aired to start them flying.

21st-hot-air-balloon-festivalAfter few flying balloons, we roam around to see some souvenirs, and I find these little hot air balloons very cute and endearing.


We had to cut the fun for our next agenda to go through. We decided to leave around 9am but we were able to go out the gate around 11am. Here’s the perfect view of a death march, oh, I meant gate march.


After the enthralling hot air balloon festival experience, we also get to visit Nayong Pilipino. Click here to get to see my next adventure. To learn more about Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival, visit



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