Often times, wheelchair seems to bring a very depressing impression. Weakness, disability, and hysterically distress. I’d say, it depends on the person sitting. Apparently, being in a wheelchair carries daily challenges, but the last thing I want is public’s erroneous pity. You can think of all the negative remarks of seeing someone in a wheelchair, but if you look closer, you’ll find one to two or heaps of its advantages. It’s all about perspectives and optimism.

  1. Parking spaces just for you
    Find that iconic logo and you’ll see your reserve parking spaces for your car. Though, some walking bodies are constantly pinching the parking spots kept for us. Not good, mate!
  2. Geared up for your fast lane
    Whether it would be in cinemas, drugstore, or amusement parks, using my wheelchair to jump ahead of the line would be an amazing privilege. I don’t know if people are shocked and annoyed or envy, but this is one advantage that I would definitely take. Yeeha!
  3. Zero calluses in a forever brand new shoe
    My friends kept complaining about the amount of money and time they spend on their new footwear and foot spa. While I have a newborn baby like feet and my shoes never get dirty or worn out since my feet never actually touch the ground. So, my collection of shoes for my ootd is definitely valid cause it will last a lifetime.
  4. Ticket to the Traffic Police
    Many times we get pulled by a traffic police officer and a lot of times the driver would say “sorry sir, emergency!” while pointing to my wheelchair at the backseat of our car. While me, having a puppy face and touching either my head or tummy. That’s my dark little secret, I’ve got to share with you! Note that this only works for very minor offenses.
  5. Act crazy and blame it to the wheelchair
    One time I watched a concert with some friends, at the end of the show there’s an extensive queue to snap a photo with them. My friends purposely run over some fans using me and my wheelchair, and we harshly reached the front line in a second. There’s always a moment where someone is practically asking to get run over with their rude and ill-mannered behavior. In times like these, people who don’t seem to care get busted by my adoring friends, but unfortunately in a hard way.
  6. The Escorts
    Feel like a VIP having all the kinds of escorts whenever I go to events, parks, or everywhere. May it be police, guards, organizers, or just courteous people rightfully accommodating me. When I took a tour in Tokyo, Japan, I was escorted from the airplane way down to my hotel. I felt like I was a celebrity touring their country, assisted by connecting guards with their walkie-talkie.
  7. Reserved seat, always!
    No matter how crowded, you will never have to wait for a good seat. No matter where I go, I can always be sure I have a nice, comfortable and personalized spot to sit 24/7. Plus, you will never come tired shopping and can go hundred miles just chilling on your perfect seat. Fast and furious on the go!
  8. Discounts here, there, and everywhere
    Many places provide discount stubs or even have free admission for anyone in a wheelchair. We’re usually eligible to receive discounts and privileges. What could be better than that?

If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m a glass half-full kind of person. I, at all times get attention and astonished looks on people’s faces like I’m somewhat a superstar as I drive my wheelchair around. These are the kinds of things that makes me enjoy a little humor in my restricted however privileged situation.




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