Why doesn’t he like me?
Because, I don’t have a short straight hair?
Okay, I’ll cut hair.
Does he like me now?
Maybe, because I am fat.
Okay, I’ll go to the gym everyday.
Does he like me now?
Is it because of weird eyeglasses?
Okay, I ordered a contact lenses.
Does he like me now?
Or maybe because, I am too loud and crazy.
Okay, I’ll change my attitude.
Does he like me now?
Still, no.
Why? I did everything! Why doesn’t he like me?
He doesn’t like you because, he doesn’t like you.
Plain and simple.

Often times, we change ourselves to a different person, because we thought there’s something wrong and negative to us. We try to mimic someone else, so people we like, can learn to like us too. Although, we always fail. We take it as a challenge and we fool ourselves into believing that one day he or she will like you too. But have you even thought of liking yourself for who you are first, before pushing yourself to someone else.

We try to copy other people who we think looks and do better than us. We tend to forget that we are unique and have our own glam, traits and talents we could improve.

Sometimes, we don’t realize that the best person that we can be is ourselves. And sometimes, it is a matter of knowing when to let go or keep trying.

Stop fooling yourself. As one day, someone will like you for who you are, without you trying to do anything and changing a thing in yourself. Believe me, it will be worth it.


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