Three Branding Strategy phases that my clients undergo in building a solid brand.

Brand Foundation – identifying the message

  • We perform a comprehensive study of what your brand is about and what it represents.
  • We Identify what message you want to convey to which target market and how you need to do this to ensure their engagement.
  • We take into consideration the objectives and goals of your company and the distinct characteristics it can capitalize on to achieve those.

How do you expect others to know who you are if you yourself don’t?

Brand Design – creating the message

  • We make good use of data from the brand foundation and build on this to highlight the brand’s unique selling proposition.
  • We become straightforward with your message – hit the target market on point with collaterals they relate with.
  • We highlight your brand’s strengths, opportunities, and advantages, and forward a viable alternative where your competitor falls short.

How do you bridge private intention with public understanding?

Brand Marketing – promoting the message

  • We make sure whatever collaterals you produce it sits well with the original message you created.
  • We take all opportunities to expand brand knowledge with a mix of informative and easy to pick-up materials
  • We provide variety in promoting the message and highlight the dynamism of the brand.

How do you zero in on reason to believe and maintain interest?

Branding Strategy is a process, a necessary one at that, which solidifies and distinguishes a solid brand from the rest. It culminates with a brand that 1) knows itself, 2) is clear on what it wants to say to its market, and 3) constantly reinforces this message with engaging initiatives.

In many ways, the three phases of Branding Strategy are reminiscent of a puzzle; remove one and the other two become obsolete. In the end, you are presented with a complete puzzle which, contrary to its metaphor, is not puzzling but is actually a crystal clear representation of a solid and sustainable brand. A masterpiece in its own right.


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