Some people want free stuff but rarely value it afterward.

See when people don’t have any stake in something and they’re risking nothing, people tend to take things less seriously.

If you’re trying to work with clients, even ones that have become close friends, make them exchange something. If you’re just starting out or you want to give considerations because the client is a friend or part of your family, then charge a minimal fee or give discounts! Just make sure you let them give something in return for your work.

You can even try working out an x-deal. I love x-deals! I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and support by doing x-deals with professionals throughout my career. Just make sure you come up with a setup where both of you are going to be in a win-win situation.

And no this isn’t about entitlement nor is it about pride. 

It’s knowing your worth and more importantly, sealing a professional and serious arrangement that ensures both parties have serious stakes over the agreement.

The second biggest hassle in online freelancing is working with a client who is not cooperative and does not devote time and efforts towards the project (second to being lowballed).

When you give your stuff and service for free, the other party will not take it as seriously as they should.

You know what that means?

An unprofessional environment where you will end up feeling like you are the only person taking it seriously and spending time on the project.

When the project ends up being lackluster, and it will because they didn’t commit, it’s your fault.

So whether you’re selling a program, product, or service, get into the habit of charging people, let them pay.

Let them put some SKIN IN THE GAME. 

Because this way you are helping them succeed.

And when they succeed, you do too.

It’s a cycle that goes on and on. Everybody is happy!

Remember free work is lazy and makes everyone unhappy, something you don’t want to see! Believe me. 😉


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