One of your biggest mistakes when envisioning success for your coaching business is thinking that your success is solely up to the reaction of your audience. 

Your measurement is very market-centric. Many are buying? Business is good. Not a lot is engaging? Business is bad.

What you fail to realize is whether people buy from you or not, whether they engage with your brand or not, they are simply REACTING.

These reactions are already the effect. The question is: what’s the cause?


Branding, when done right, builds trust that your target market can latch onto. It positions your business as the single most logical and less risky option for someone who is willing to pay to get results. 

Let’s test this real quick. Imagine you’re walking into a grocery store in need of basic utilities like soap, toothpaste, ketchup, coffee, etc. Just now, didn’t you picture specific brands of soap, toothpaste, ketchup, and coffee in your head as you read them?

Those brands have etched their identities in your mind and you’ve come to trust these names. That’s what good branding does. 

We can show you how to build trustworthy brands that generate qualified leads, secure monthly bookings, and attract high-paying clients.

But first, we need to understand the components of trust that all successful brands live by. We call these the Three Tiers of Trust or TRIPLE T! 

Authenticity comes from basking in your own true light. It is gaining a deep understanding of who you are and having the confidence to actively project this every single day. 

Logic… comes in because human nature dictates that trust comes after a justifiable reason to believe. Even taking risks involves a semblance of logic because you trust that the risk will be worth it.

Empathy… then plays an important role because it involves being able to understand and share the feelings of another. Faith in another person can flow better when an empathic relationship is fostered. 

If these three things are syncing well and working for your brand, people are more likely to trust you!

Just the same, if any of these three gets shaky, then trust is threatened. 

Now here’s what you can do with your brand to be able to promote trust right now, right this second.


The key is identifying where trust becomes shakey for your brand, where common accountability fails, or which part of the communication with your market needs improvement.

Pinpoint the issue, have clarity, accept the oversight, and fix it within your brand.

Maybe you’re big on promising results but unclear on how to get your consumers there. Maybe it’s a loophole in the process itself that excludes your market from the workflow and so there are lesser chances for them to see your strong points.

Dig deeper!

And then reposition your brand to address these gaps.

At the end of the day, trust is something that is earned. Following the 3 Tiers of Trust is an effective way to foster it but without a genuine connection, the trust will never have a chance of growing.

Keep your market in mind. Trust, just like any relationship, is a two-way street. It’s a conversation, with two parties willingly listening and deciding to bestow trust with each other. So keep an open mind and listen to really understand, not to respond.

Good branding elicits a response from its audience; both through short term reactions like securing purchases or long term investments such as gaining a loyal following. 

Remember that effective branding fueled by the trust is your foolproof way to turn cold leads to overflowing email lists and lurkers to loyal followers. This is your first step: using trust as a focal branding theme to unlock bottomless revenue streams.

Ready to build your most trustworthy brand today? Roll on over to Let’s get your brand rolling!!


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